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Man of Few Words

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

If you know Les, he is an observer. Not a talker. In fact, it can be easy to underestimate him if you are basing your views on the words you hear. So, when I ask him for some thoughts so I can update our website, I always hope I might get enough for a paragraph or two. You see, I'm a talker. Not always an observer. This week after I walked through the heifers and snapped a picture complimenting his heifers, he texted back, "Pretty fancy set, huh?" You don't need too many more words to tell you about those young ladies. Later in the week, he had gone south to pour the sale bulls. My report that night was, "Thickest set of bulls we've had." He shot those words straight to the point. I reflected on those ten, yet, direct words to describe one third of the ranch's cattle herd. I came away reminded that we should practice filtering down to the most basic and important ideas, whether we are talking cattle or living life. Happy filtering!

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