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It's Raining! It's Pouring! The Fences Are Still Holding!

We have been super blessed with some late summer, early fall rains. July was a bit tense worrying about the high likelihood of fire and it is amazing what the moisture has done for our spirits, our pastures and the sorghum. It feels like every living thing could let out a deep, pressure relieving breath.

Just last weekend we got over 4 inches in one night. Just how fast the roads managed to soak it up, the speed at which puddles were empty, and how quickly the pastures dried up was gave us an inkling to just how dry we had been. A pasture check did show the fences were had not washed out, although, they may need to be cleaned out a bit!

Unfortunately, with the rains also came a fly infestation. The fly sprayer in the back of the pickup was put to work this late summer. After a few drive-bys the cattle soon figured out that the loud, noisy, mist brought some relief from the pests.

Today, the heifers which had been on CRP ground because their pasture had been exhausted , were able to come home. It is good to see them back in the neighborhood! We do so appreciate the family help that checked on our girls while they were away. Thank you, Bob Pokorny, for taking care of them!

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