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Just One of Those Days

All we wanted was to get our work done. We didn’t need delays or challenges, but somehow that was our gift for the day. We had a couple heifers in the creek pasture we needed to treat for hoof rot, so we loaded the vet gun in the Ranger and set out. After scouring the pasture we finally found one girl bedded down near the creek under the trees and cedars. Les and Ed loaded the antibiotic into the gun, pulled the buggy down a bit closer and SNAP! went a tree branch on the buggy window. No big deal and a common occurrence. But, then there was a CRACK! and a splintered view. The men did well and practiced their deep breathing and proceeded with a “Let’s get this work done and then deal with the window” attitude. Les got out to finish loading the vet gun. There was an exasperated sound, bending to the ground, tipping the Ranger bed, more bending to the ground, and more exasperated sounds. Maybe it was very loud deep breathing. The bullet holder had fallen and was stuck in a buggy cranny. Ok then, we’ll move to plan next. We went back to the shop to figure out how to remove the window, more deep breathing, and digging out the bullet holder. Forty minutes later and back to the creek, we find our cow not far from where we left her. Les had the gun ready and got her into the open so the dart would be easier to find. Oh, really? We should have known by this point it wasn't going to shake out like we thought. Les made a good shot (score one for us), but she decided to dive back into the trees and drop the dart on ground littered with several inches of last year’s leaves. Oxygen reaching our brains from deep breathing did nothing to sharpen our eyes. After a game of hide and seek with the dart, the dart won. It gets to live in the wilds. It was just one of those days.

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