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Cows & Chow


The Nebraska Angus Tour stopped Saturday morning to chow down on beef gravy & biscuits and check out cows with calves in the pasture, bulls, and bred heifers. It was wonderful to reconnect with those we don't see often enough and to meet new people. Tour participants were from Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Indiana. It was a pleasure to share our home with our guests and to get to know them. We are often reminded of what a small world it really is, as in visiting we often found connections with those near and far. We couldn't have had such a wonderful day without the tour participants and our help. Our associate, Tyler Buoy, put in plenty of hours helping prepare. Our kitchen crew, Doug & Mary Jo Davis, Mike & Linn Baxter, and Matt and Ann Dvorak, as well as friend Wade Hollenbeck for pulling the crowds through the pasture. Family, Craig Hall and his fiance, Maggie Matejka and Lyle and Barb Anderson were right by our sides, making sure our stop ran smoothly. Carolyn and Ed shared much of the ranch and local history, providing another layer to the tour stop. We'd also like to send a big thank you to the Nebraska Angus Association's Secretary and Manger, Suzy Hebbert. She says she won't be looking for a job as a travel agent any time soon, but from what we could see, she would do just fine! Check out our FaceBook page for more pictures from the day!

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