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The Clock Keeps Tickin'

Weather has brought about two inches of blessed rain over the last week, giving the sorghum a nice re-growth that the yearlings will enjoy in another month or so when we finally get weaning wrapped up.

The sale bulls moved to new grass late last week. They enjoyed the fresh feed and testing the fence line! Ed & Les found the hole and promptly fixed the escape route. Our growing boys have stayed home since. It won't be long before Les & Rachel start working on the sale book and getting their numbers all rounded up for your review. If you want an early look and you have a break in your schedule, please come on out!

Our last batch of steers, 167, are adding their last few grass fed pounds before they travel to the Bassett sale barn on October 7, 2015. The guys are expecting them to weigh between 900 and 950 and praying for no government shutdown and a rise in the market.

As we run pastures we find our mothers look healthy and slick, all while raising their chunky little monkeys! A couple of the true pleasures in this job, are watching these girls raise their calves and seeing them develop into the herd that we are so proud to see each day. It's funny how all the hours of sweat, work, and pain can be erased by one proud mama standing in the grass with a calf at her side.

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