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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all our four-legged momma's! They have done a wonderful job this winter and spring. The calf crop is mostly on the ground and growing like weeds! We were happy to calve out one of the quitest sets of heifers starting in March and wrapping up just this morning. The mothers over south have been on protective watch, chasing off a pesky coyote that likes to cut through the calving lot! We sure are proud of what these girls get accomplished!

Spring is rolling right along and so are ranch events. Branding is all but done, other than a few late calvers; the heifers have been worked, moved to grass, and have started on their MGA in preparation for the AI season; the livestock auction has been out to look over our steers in preparation for their marketing this summer; and checking fence lines will be next on the list.

Most importantly, we have had a week of moisture, with over 1/2 an inch coming last night. It is quite a relief to see the puddles this morning.

If you get a break in your seasonal work, give us a call and evaluate for yourself how our mother's and their beautiful babes are doing. We could even work in a tour of the coming two year olds bulls!

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