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Official Start of AI Season

The AI season officially began yesterday! We worked the first calf heifers yesterday morning and the second calvers this morning before the thermometer spiked with our first HOT day of summer. We count on our herd owned sires to perform, but our excited to add some diversity with the power of AI. Les's tank is filled with several new sires and some repeats: HA Cowboy Up 5405, SAV Resource 1441, Sitz Investment, MAR Innovation, and SAV Renown 3439. The excitement of these new packages in March 2017 will be much anticipated.

We are excited for the season to start, but just as anxious for it to be over as well. The labor of the season makes having everybody to grass a great relief. The cows are always more than ready, too. Working with the cows so often, however, keeps us very familiar with each of them.

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