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Welcome to Hall Ranch

Hello! and Happy Summer! We know many of our Nebraska neighbors are feeling the weight of thin grass, a need for a rain, and empty hay reserves. It is a tough season after a tough winter. We pray, along with you, that God will bless us with what we need.

AI season is wrapping up shortly, with Les having an end date by the first of July. The first calf heifers were bred prior to June 6 with semen straws of Sitz Spectrum. The second calvers were just hauled to grass with straws of LAR Man in Black, SAV Rise and Shine, Sitz Resilient and Sitz Barricade. Les has been working the week of June 19 on the rest of the cow herd with the same semen line-up.

Right now our steers are scheduled for a sale barn date of July 12 for the Bassett Livestock Auction Annual BBQ Yearling & Fall Calf Auction  in Bassett Livestock Auction. With short winter feed stores our supply will be shorter than in normal years. However, about......steers will be headed to town.



This is what we are made of. Our bulls are backed by a powerful, efficient and high performing cow herd 60 years in the making.

The American Angus Association awards the efficient cow with the Pathfinder Cow Award. These female produce their first calf near the herd average calving date, maintain a regular calving interval and have had three calves with an average weaning ratio of at least 105.

Check out the catalog for bulls with Pathfinders in their pedigree.

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