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Welcome to Hall Ranch

Hello! and Happy Winter! It has been a season of extreme cold followed by moderate temperatures splattered with plenty of fog. If the old wives tale of 90 days after fog comes rain, we will be in for a wet spring, which will bring us grass growers much joy!

Our 43rd Annual Two-Year Old Angus Bull sale is fast approaching on March 6 at the Bassett Livestock Auction at 1 pm. Sires include Sitz Stellar, Musgrave 316 Exclusive, KR Synergy, DB Iconic, Ellingson's Three Rivers, Hart No Doubt, TR Mr. Element, KR Incredible, and Schelskes Ozark.

For over 50 years the Hall family has been building a program that will sire easy keeping and efficient females and powerful, growthy performing cattle for the feeder market. Talk to us and see what a Hall Ranch ~ Pasture Raised ~ Range Ready ~ bull can dofor you!



This is what we are made of. Our bulls are backed by a powerful, efficient and high performing cow herd 60 years in the making.

The American Angus Association awards the efficient cow with the Pathfinder Cow Award. These female produce their first calf near the herd average calving date, maintain a regular calving interval and have had three calves with an average weaning ratio of at least 105.

Check out the catalog for bulls with Pathfinders in their pedigree.

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