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Welcome to Hall Ranch

It was a good day for a good day! Thank you to everyone for the support for our 43nd Annual two-year-old Registered Angus Bull Sale.


Mike Baxter auctioned off 57 head for an average of $6,565.

The top selling bull, Lot 1, HRK Incredible W536 (20283149), sold to KRT Cattle for $16,000.


The Morgan Ranch of Valentine, NE took home Lot 59, HR Niagra W931 (20284097), for $14,500.


Krueger Cattle Co. of Valentine, NE purchased Lot 53, HRC Armory W997 (20282747), for $12,000.


Mark Hoffman, O’Neill, NE purchased Lot 13, HR Synergy W907 (20284228), for $11,500.



This is what we are made of. Our bulls are backed by a powerful, efficient and high performing cow herd 60 years in the making.

The American Angus Association awards the efficient cow with the Pathfinder Cow Award. These female produce their first calf near the herd average calving date, maintain a regular calving interval and have had three calves with an average weaning ratio of at least 105.

Check out the catalog for bulls with Pathfinders in their pedigree.

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